Thursday, June 26, 2014

Terrific Thursday, the ads

It's more than crazy at work.  Nine hour days where you are lucky to get a bite to eat and a sip of water.  We did nine  times the volume of salsa as normal yesterday.   Just crazy.   A lot of people are sad we are being forced out.   We will probably come back at some point on time.  

I digress.  The ads


Apples 1.99
Bread 1.00
2 lbs shredded cheese 6.99
Ice cream 2.99 dreyers
Corn 6/2
Grapes 2.99
Bumble bee tuna 1.00

5 dollar Friday

Berries 2/5
Strawberry custard pie
2 lbs Tillamook cheese
Ice cream 2/5


Chereies 3.98, 2.99
Chicken 1.00
Berries 3.98
Hebrew national 3.49
Buns 1.00
Ice cream 2/5

Buy 4
Dreyers 1.99

General Mills cereal 1.88$$, when you buy 5
Nathan's BOGO
Radishes .50
Grapes 2.99
Blues. 4.99
Cherries 3.99

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