Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wicked Wednesday, the ads

It's going to be a long , hard couple of months ahead,  I am afraid.   I think the old adage, one day at a time os in order.  

Salsa 2/4
Roma's  .99
Cherries 3.88
Grapes 1.28
Barilla pasta 1.00$$
Strawberries 2/bins 1.00
Corn 2/1
Hebrew national 2/6


Dreyers 2.99
Potato salad 4.99
HORMEL lunch meat or pepperoni $$ ( pepperoni is at the dollar store with a coupon it's .50.
Peaches 1.49
Corn 6/2
Berries 2/5
Tuna .99
Mayo 1.99@@
Salsa 1.79@@

Five dollar Friday
Pizza 5.00
Sub sandwich


Corn 4/1
Cereal 1.49. Look for coupons
2lbs cheese 4.99@@

Mega. Buy more, save more. Buy 10/ save 5.  On to 30/15
Prices are net, remember mix or match quantity prices

Sour cream, cottage cheese 1.49
Oatmeal 2.49
Peanut butter 1.99
Olive oil 4.99

Buy 4/ save 2
Mayo 2.99

Kraft salad dressing 1.99 ck for coupons
BBQ sauce .79
Kraft singles 2.79
Taco shells .99

Note there were only three ads thos week.  Top is closing.  Soon there will be only two ads when ALBERTSONS merges with SAFEWAYS.   SAFEWAYS is the better of the stores in my opinion , but ALBERTSONS is going to be the pick of the two stores.   That is sad, because we have half as many choices.,  more choices usually make for lower prices.  We are gaining a Winco in our area, and we also have Fred Meyers a few miles away along with grocery Outlet and Bog Lots.   For is, Fred Meyer, grocery outlet and bog lots are all on the same street in  the next town.  Winco was several towns away, so having it close to home will be an improvement,  they have a great bulk department and prices are fairly good.  You have to bag your own, so take a helper with you. We don't know how long the transitions will take.  

For a person that doesn't like upheaval and not knowing what is going to happen next, this is a very stressful time for me.  

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