Friday, June 13, 2014

Freaky Friday

Things are getting crazy at work.   I'm thinking of changing our name to the city zoo soon.  We don't have time to even gulp a drink of water.   What a let down when we are closed .  Bummer.   We can only hope and pray the owners find a building soon.

What to do with what you have.  Last weeks protein of choice was chicken and pork tenderloins.  Finding any meat under five dollars a pound is iffy.   Meat has to be under five dollars a pound in order to make a five dollar dinner.  A lot of the people I have talked to get three hundred dollars a month in snap.  If one could really feed a family on a hundred dollars a month,that would be  a nice feat.   I haven't seen that lately and still have filling, nutritional , balanced meals.
At three hundred dollars.mdomner has to be five dollars to leave five dollars for breakfast and lunch.

There are a lot of new chicken dishes on the Betty Crocker e mail feed.  If you haven't signed up, ot os a good thing to do. It is  free and sometimes there are coupons and links to where ingredients are on sale.   Ots constantly changing and new recipes are happening every week.   This week there is a jerk chicken with black beans and sweet potatoes.   Something  I have never heard of before.   I'm not sure my family would eat it, but it is totally different.

Chicken os still a buck a pound for grill packs at Fred Meyers.
Pasta is a buck and there are coupons out there at qfc
Hebrew national hot dogs are three dollars at QFC.   You can cut your costs by making pigs in blankets with bisquick or  adding them to beans.   I try to limit our processed meat consumption to one time a week or less.

Pepperoni continues to be fifty cents with a coupon at the dollar store.   (Dollar tree)
There is a recipe for pizza crust on a previous blog.  Easy and made in the food processor.   Fun for children.

Tacos are fast and easy.  You can make your own taco seasoning,  I mix it with water and simmer shredded chicken just lomg enough to season and heat it through.   Soft shells are cheap at Costco and grocery outlet.

Cheese os on sale this  week.  Mac and cheese os a family favorite.   I can still get cheese recipe starter at Big  Lots  for fifty cents.  They don't take coupons and I, not finding any. Some of my recipe starter I got for free at the dollar store.   That's another reason why you should stock when you find things really cheap.   Adding some real cheese to the starter stretches cheese that sometimes os selling for eight dollars a brick.   I had jalapeño chicken Mac and cheese at happy hour a few weeks ago.  They added jalapeños to the Mac and cheese, and added shredded chicken in a pile on top of the bowl.   It was really good.   I NEVER pass up a cheese sale of less than three dollars a pound.   You can always freeze it, add a little (Tablespoon) if cornstarch to it to keep it from clumping.  It's fine of you melt it on pizza or on Mac and cheese.

SAFEWAYS has a family pizza for five dollars on Friday.   It is so big I can barely get it onto my big oven,  I cut it in half and make two meals.   Top ot with veggies or any leftover cooked meat you can find.

I wrote a blog on almost free pizza.   It's a concept, not the fact that someone os giving away free pizza.    If you chop a little extra of anything that you are chopping during the week to make dinner and out ot on a bag on the freezer door and do the same for any chopped or cooked meat that would go on a pizza. I keep the meats separate, but the veggies I stick together,   By the end of the week, you have a pizza almost made and gleamed from your leftovers.   Of you don't want to make a crust, there are crusts for a buck or two at big lots.   ( thin)

Grapes are 1.28'at QFC and Fred M eyes.   It's a good time to have breakfast for dinner.   Blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon!   Scrambled eggs , toast and grapes, or hash browns.   We like quiche.  I serve it with a salad with field greens and grapes or blueberries, or strawberries.   We also like a chop salad with field greens, chicken cubes, grapes and walnuts.   Or apple and toasted or sugared walnuts.
Serve with a roll or biscuit.

That's about all.

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  1. Good post and some great meal ideas! One of my inexpensive meal ideas is that I use canned mackerel or canned salmon to make croquettes which I usually serve with macaroni and cheese and a vegetable. Here is my basic recipe:
    2 Tbs flour
    ½ cup cornmeal
    ¼ tsp salt
    1 egg
    1 can drained, de-boned salmon or mackerel
    Mix together. Form 6 patties and fry in VERY small amount of oil.
    *I sometimes vary the recipe by adding cajun seasoning or chopped jalapenos or chopped onions.