Thursday, June 19, 2014

Terrific Thursday

One more day this week to work.  I hope I can hold up.  Yesterday about killed me.   My husband went without coffee or anything to drink until the end of shift.   We had double the staff, but five times the volume of sales .    With both of is loosing our jobs, I will be spending more time with coupons .   The sad thing is that because a developer has a pie on the sky idea, 200 people will loose their jobs.   Jobs for old people are hard to find.   The biggest joke is that they wanted more upscale renters  we sell crystal, china, diamonds and gold jewelry amd sterling.  They are replacing it with beer bottles.   LOL

Roast is BOGO at three dollars a pound.  It would be a good time to grind your own hamburger.   That's cheaper than ground beef at the lowest grade.    We have been eating a lot of pork and chicken since the price of beef went so high.  A little variety would be welcome.  

Fruits and vegetables are coming in season and the prices are good at some stores.   Last night we had two for one steaks at the Channel Marker.  It is cheaper than buying steak at home and I was totally beat.   Even a easy  meal would have been a challenge.  

I digress.

Ideas for dinner.  The concept of cheap dinners has changed dramatically with the high cost of beef.  Pork os following suit.  The six dollar a roll Jimmy Dean  sausage at Costco is now 8.49.  Using a small amount to add flavour to a soup is still within reach.   I can still get pork chops reasonable.   Cheese is on sale periodically.  My husband finally got the concept of buying it when it is on sale wether we are out of cheese or not when he saw it for eight dollars a brick.  An example of it pays to study the grocery ads was when the same brand and amount of cheese ranged on the ads between four dollars a brick and eight dollars a Brick.

Garden Fettuccine
Breakfast for dinner
Veggie Mac and cheese is always a winner here.
We like an impossible pie with cheese and a little meat.   Served with a field green salad with a fruit and raspberry vinaigrette.
Pesto chicken panini is good .  Make pesto with parsley and walnuts.
Pesto with fresh stir fry veggies and shrimp is good.  SAFEWAYS still has shrimp reasonable sometimes.

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