Sunday, June 29, 2014

Suddenly Sunday

Since I thought yesterday was Sunday, I'm really off.   My daughter is putting turkey chili in the slow cooker.  We are going to try new recipes and use up the freezer.  It's getting full along with the pantry.  Since the antique mall is closing, and it will be some time before it opens again, this is the time I was stockpiling for.  Stay tuned it should get interesting what we can  come up with to eat.  LOL

We are both trying to get new employment,m we don't need to work a lot, just enough to pad the budget a little.   I am hoping to find students to teach.  I would like two classes a month.  

I digress .


If you are making something that is vegetarian or something that doesn't have a lot of protein in it., supplement the dish with another protein.  Last night we had corn chowder with a garnish of bacon.  I made cheese biscuits to go with.  I could have also made a pudding.   Cheese biscuits are simply a baking powder biscuit that is rolled instead of cut.  Sprinkle the top of the flattened dough with cheese and rolls cut into slices .  My recipe called for 9 biscuits  so I cut the roll into none slices.  Bake according to directions. I used the convection oven so it didn't take the entire time.  

Minced clams are on sale often.  I can get the, as cheap as .89.   Ditto tuna lately.    Eggs are a cheap source of protein and got a bad wrap a few years ago.  Further studies decided they weren't so bad after all.  Using them as a source of protein without the other traditional lumbermans breakfast is still a good meal.    

Drastic times call for drastic measures.  Think out of the box.  There is nothing wrong with breakfast for dinner.   My mother missed to make an omlette that she started on the stove and finished in the oven where it puffed up.  Of course, ot fell flatter than a pancake when she brought it out of the oven.

Soups are a food way to stretch a buck.  A whole chicken at a buck a pound can go a long ways.    There are recipes everywhere.  

We like impossible pie.  

Cheerios now come on a protein rich version.  There are good coupons for it.  

I guess that's all

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