Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday ads

The dollar store was very fruitful yesterday.   There is a lot of plastic garbage at the dollar store, but there is also a lot of necessity items that are far less expensive than anywhere else.   Facial tissue is one.   I got brand name catsup for a dollar for a large bottle.   They have sugar free candy, toothpaste and soap for free with coupons.   Sunday papers are a buck.  

Get five dollar rewards when you spend 25.00.  There are a bot of BOGO or BOG 1/2.  Mostly for non food items.  

Coffee 6.99
Milk 2.69
Mitchum deodorant w coupon .99
Tea bags 2.99

Fred Meyers

Butter 2/4@@
Grapes 1.28@@
Chicken grill pack .99@@
Blues 4.98
Zucchini or yellow  .99
Tomatoes  .99
Bins 4/5

Keeping a mindset of watching for true deals for the things that you actually need is a good way to live  better for less.  

I got an e mail that there was a concert at our local performance center .  Tickets for seniors with the ticket surcharge on line were twenty dollars.   If you bought ten senior tickets they were ten dollars with a max surcharge of 12.00.  I got eleven of our friends to go and we paid eleven dollars for our twenty dollar tickets.  

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