Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cutting the food baby step at a time,

I have started micro managing our food bill......well, maybe micro managing is a strong word.   I have been broadening my horizons and finding recipes that are easy to replace the few things that imbue ready made or from a box or can.

Enchilada sauce is a dollar  a can.    It is sooo easy.   I always,thought that oatmeal tomato sauce in it. In a pinch. I used the leftover tomato paste from pizza sauce and added water and taco seasoning.   I wasn't far off the mark.   All enchilada sauce is is a white sauce recipe basically.  You start with the roux that you would make 2 cups of white sauce with.  Add taco type  seasonings and substitute the milk with either vegetable or chicken stock.  Easy and I probably can make a mix ahead of to,emto make it even easier.    The sauce keeps 2 weeks on the fridge, so the recipe on Pinterest says.

Next, I am tackling rice  from scratch.    I got brown rice don, rice is proving to be a little harder.

I found a recipe for thin pizza crust.   I have made thick crust in the food processor lots before. But hubby prefers a thin crust.   I found that recipe on the Pinterest too.

It's cheaper to buy pasta sauce than it  is to make it when you buy Hunts   on sale.  We buy instant mashed on sake and the price comparison is close to scratch.   Potatoes are hard for me to keep from going bad.   Many are already bad before I get them home.   It's just easier for us.   I do make oven fries .  I also buy fries frozen for 3.00 amd a few cents for five pounds at Winco.

That's about all buy that isn't scratch.
There are all kinds of seasoning packets in the store.   It is a good way to jack up the price of a  meal that would have been  an economy meal.  Spices are a dollar all over.  If you are in a pinch or you only need a little bit, Winco has bulk spices.   It is far cheaper  to make your own seasoning amd you can control the salt and heat.    Recipes are on an earlier post.  

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