Saturday, March 26, 2016

Eggs --so what Else would we talk about the day before Easter?

LOL.   ...

Two weeks ago, eggs were 18 for 2.00 at Fred Meyers.    It's another reason why you strike when the iron is hot.   If you wait  until the day before a holiday, often the prices go up.   They are banking on the fact that some people will wait until the last minute and taking advantage of that.

It still goes back to know your prices.   You don't have to know the prices of everything in the store, just the things that you use on a regular basis.    Have a target price and stick to it I less it is something you just can't live without....milk?

I digress.     Eggs

I hard cooked eggs on the oven this time.    It was really easy and a great way to get a lot of eggs done at one time.   No eggs cracked and it is really easy.  

Preheat oven to 325.   Place eggs , one each in muffin cups.  Bake for 30 minutes.   Meanwhile, make a ice water bath.  I put a big plastic bowl in the sink.  When the eggs were done take them  out of the oven  and use a hot pad  to remove the eggs to the ice water.   Cool 10 minutes and remove from the bath.    I placed them on a folded kitchen towel to dry.   Refrigerate after .   They are really easy to peel.   If you overlook hard cooked eggs, they will have a gray tinge around the edge.  They are still good to eat, just overlooked.  

Adding a hard cooked egg to your breakfast helps you to stay full until lunch.

Breakfast for dinner is a way I get another vegetarian meal in the meal plan and it's inexpensive.  
There are a lot of good quiche, breakfast casseroles. Omlettes. Waffles, pancakes. Muffins.
A Cobb salad is always good in the summer for a cool dinner.

At .11 a piece, it's a good way to stretch your dinner dollar amd leaves you open to have a more expensive cut of meat to average your costs.  

Contrary to what the rumors were in the past, now the guidelines for protein are so ounces of protein a day and some of that should be from eggs.

We don't eat eggs every day.   Moderation is the key again.  

What do you do with the hard cooked eggs after Easter?  
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