Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The ads

Last  night we got the ads in the mail. Dare  I say two ads.   One for Alberways and one for QFC.  
I did part of our shopping on Sunday.    Basically dairy and perishable produce.  

This weeks ads are not surprisingly all about Easter.    It's. It usually a good time to stock.


Ham 1.49
Broccoli , cauli, .99
Tillamook cheese bricks 5.99

Nothing on the ten for  10 sale is a bargain,   The same frozen veggies are .79 at Freddie's.  
Ditto buy 3. Save 3.    Jenne o turkey bacon is a buck at the dollar store.  


Ham 1.57
Strawberries 3.99 a 2 lbs
Tillamook cheese -2 lb loaf 4.99@@
Kraft mayo 3.88@@

Five dollar Friday
Pork tenderloin
General Mills cereal 3/5
Stove top stuffing, potatoes Bc 5/5@@$$

 Coupons in ad ....note a fm after them means that Fred Meyers has the same or lower price.  
Butter 1.99 fm@@
Cake or brownie mix .99 @@- always that price ot lower at Winco
Cream of mushroom soup .79@@$$

That's about it.  

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