Monday, March 28, 2016

Meal plans

Meal plans for this week.
I am trying to use up what we have.   This months foo was at 67.00 a week; first quarter food is at 70.99 a week.   USDA stats for our daily is 149.40.    We are at less than half.   That figure is the cost of food eaten,    We have a stock built and maintained.   

Meals - I dont necessarily assign a meal to a particular day of the week except if I want an exceptionally easy meal because of a busy day etc.   

  1. Cranberry chicken breast, a gratin potatoes, broccoli.   ( chicken breast was a dollar a pound again  at fm.   Boneless chicken breast was 2.49 a pound.  It takes about ten minutes to debone half breasts of chicken.   I need to use cranberry sauce from the pantry.   A gratin potatoes were less than .70 and broccoli is left over from a veggie tray for Easter.   The recipe is BC ( bettymcrocker) 
  2. Pizza ( DiGiorno was 2.44 super bowl weekend with sales and coupons. ) 
  3. Chicken enchiladas.   ( I got tortillas for .25 with a coupon,  I use more expensive 6 carb ones for myself .  Chicken is from the dollar a pound chicken and I am going to try a new recipe for enchilada sauce from scratch, ) cheese is always aboutm200 a pound grated.   The best price on a block I have found is 2.50 a pound.   
  4. Breakfast for dinner.   ( using eggs I got for 2.00 for 18.   - th best data I can find is that an egg a day is still in healthy eating guidelines.   We only eat eggs when we have breakfast for dinner except if I use them in baking.   
  5. Speghetti with red sauce/ hambirger.   Bread, salad.   ( the bread was on sale at Costco nets a little less than a buck for 1/2 a loaf.    Hambirger was 318 a pound for 7 percent and I defatted it and froze the cooked meat.   Speghetti I got Barilla from the dollar store.    ) 
  6. Salmon and gnocchi . Mixed veggies ( carrots, cauli, carrots.) this was touted as a dollar store dinner.    The gnocchi is at the dollar store  and is from Italy.    Our salmon is from Costco.   The veggies are from Easter veggie tray,   
  7. Chicken club pie.   , broccoli.    ( chicken is a buck a pound, ham is some cubes I got at Winco for 2.38. Cents and we will use part of the bag.   Broccoli , you guessed it, is from the Easter veggie tray,   ) the recipe is Betty Crocker.    

All of these meals with the exception of the salmon one is less than five  dollars a meal.   Because the pizza and the chicken enchiladas are less than five dollars, it should average out.   
I can't reprint Betty Crocker recipes, but if you google them, they should be there.   I dos veered that enchilada sauce is basically a two cup thin white sauce recipe with the fo,losing substitutions : start with a fat to flour ration of 1 to 1. - two tablespoons flour to 2 tablespoons olive oil or another fat of choice.  Cook for a minute or so to get rid of the flour taste.  Add taco seasonings and blend in two cups of veggie stock or chicken stock.   The color comes from paprika and chilli powder.    
I found the recipe on Pinterest.   It's a real money saver since enchilada sauce is about a buck a can.   

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