Friday, March 25, 2016


Easter crept up on me .   I got product out in the stores, but I never managed to get decorations up.   I did stop and make treat boxes for the children  at granddaughters school amd went shopping yesterday and found granddaughter an Easter dress 55 percent off plus another 25 percent, and another twenty dollars off on a rebate.   Shoes were on sale at Sears.    I am not to particular about the sturdiness of little children's dress shoes.   They don't wear them enough to spend a lot of money on them.  It's better that the money go on a pair that they wear everyday.   After shipping,mew were hungry and decided to stop and have lunch at Denny's,    I had soup and a delightful sandwich of avacado and turkey and Swiss cheese,    Yummy, and it's in the menu.  Besides we get a twenty percent discount with aarp card.   But, we weren't hungry at dinner time.  I fixed pizza  Quesadeas. I had seen them in on a u tube vlog.   Picky granddaughter are the whole thing!    Guess that's a winner,   Low carb to boot and quick. If I was  making a real meal, I  would add tomato soup.  Mission makes a low carb tortilla that has six carb grams.  

Tonight, we will make fish packets and get back to the plan.   

There is a lot of hype out there about food.   You could go crazy either trying to afford food from Mars or go crazy trying to make sense of a climate that has two sides to every food . My take is to eat in moderation, and eat a wide variety of foods.    I don't believe that it is appropriate to leave a whole food group out of your diet unless your doctor says that it is not good for you because of a disease.    I wholly agree that we eat too much fat, sugar and salt in this country.   There was a good program on pbs about food.   Basically, they said the same thing.    The French people eat everything pretty much, they eat in moderation and usually don't eat on the fly according to the program.    

We eat on 70 percent of the snap budget at four dollar a day per person.  We are not on snap.  I have built and maintained a stock on that amount of money.  I spend 75.00 a week on food and have lot of years now.  We eat a variety of protein, we eat inexpensive cuts of protein,but I buy the best quality I can of those proteins.   We always have fresh fruits and veggies.   I wash fruits and veggies or peel them if it is appropriate to do so.   I don't buy junk food.  Of a food has no food value, I don't buy it, sans herbal teas.   

Just a note,  there is absolutely  no reason to buy organic bananas unless you are trying to impress your neighbour.   

Nutrition wise, there is no reason to buy organic milk either.   In fact, organic milk does not have some of the nutrients that regular milk has.  Organic milk is processed longer and kills some nutrients.   

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