Monday, March 28, 2016

The next step

now that I have nailed the under four dollars a day and built and maintained a stockpile of food, I am going to go one step further.   I always want to learn new things.   It's what keeps us young and our brains working.   I checked the February 2016 stats    from the USDA  and  we are sitting at less than 1/2 of the family stats and that is for food eaten at home, that does not include a pantry.

Now, I am on a mission to reduce the amount of hydrogenated oil we consume.  Hydrogenated oil is in everything.   By all accounts, it is bad for you.    Somethings   have different viewpoints, but not hydrogenated oils.   They are in everything.  - a lot of manufacturers are attempting to offer alternatives.   You can buy mayo with part olive oil.   There is peanut butter with a reduced amount in it.   Read the labels.   The ingredients are listed in order of volume.    It's a given that potato chips and other chip type snack foods are loaded with it.   But, on a thrifty budget, you can't afford them anyway.   Making something from  scratch lets you control what kind of oil you use.

Therefore, my next mission is to learn efficient ways to cook some of the few  thngs that we buy ready made.  My criteria is how much hydrogenated oil does it have in it and is it cheaper to buy it ready made, or can I control the oil better without slaving over a stove for hours.   The other option is to see if we can reduce our usage or eliminate it altogether from our diet.

I found a recipe for a simple bread dough and pizza dough that takes little non-passive cooking time.   Baguettes cost a dollar at best.   The thing that will hold me up is that it takes a pizza stone for the oven.   That's not on my budget yet.

I do have a bread baker.

I am trying rice on the pressure cooker.   It actually takes less time than instant.

Wish me luck !,, LOL.

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