Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Terrific Tuesday

Its pizza Tuesday.    I had a quick and easy pizza crust recipe years ago, but it is for a thick crust, more like DiGiorno.    My husband would prefer a thin crust.  O tried the dollar store crust, but it was too thin and reminiscent of cardboard,    

I saw a recipe on Pinterest.   I'm going to try it .  It looks like I can make it in the food processor.    I'm was looking for come that didn't have to many stand times.   This still takes an hour and a half.  

Winco has ready made Pizza dough,    It is 1.50 last I saw it.   Scratch will be fractions of that.    

There are still coupons lit there for Hormel pepperoni.    They are form.50 off off one and they're at the dollar store.    One of the last coupons I can still find that work at the dollar store.   I am nit rinsing the same name brands that I have in the past.   I see hauls in the Internet, but not  here.   They have  uncle bens rice, hunts pasta sauce. Dole pineapple, sometimes  Betty Cricker  potatoes, Marie Calanders, jenne o ,pic sweet frozen veggies.    Some things you can find cheaper at the regular grocery store.   I'm 

I digress.   Back to pizza.  Motts cheese is two dollars a pound at Costco.    It is mix information that it is cheaper to grate your own.    I tried that because I have a stick of brick cheese.    We went through four pounds in a week.    If you can get a finely grated cheese, it stretches it further,    I did grate my own parmesean.  Actually, Romano was cheaper so we used that this time,   I used a micro plane, it makes it last a lot longer.    The cost of grated cheese has gone down,    Yellow is 2.08 a pound at Costco  and the motts was 2.00 in five pound bags,   I freeze and take out enough to fill a large  lock and lock.   I'm 

I got peppers at grocery outlet six for 3.00 a while back.  I took them hi,e and sliced them and stuck them in the freezer.  I have been working on them for months,   Sometimes just a few will put some color in a dish,   We eat first with our eyes.  

I got a jar of pizza sauce at the dollar store.   I never do that, but saw it on a haul and thought we could try to.  After I open it, I'll use what we need and freeze the rest in an ice cube tray so we can pull out what we need.    

Sausage is cheapest in a roll at Costco.   Take it home, defat it ,and freeze.    

Black sliced olives are .58 at Winco.    I haven't done a comparison yet, but it certain,y looks like if you take the air and liquid out of a can of while olives, you would have the same volume left.  
Sometimes, it is miss-information that something cut up is more expensive than the whole.  

It's still a lot of money to buy a hamburger meal box at any price along with boxed Mac and cheese.  

Buffalo chicken pizza.   
  1. Crust 
  2. Blue cheese, or ranch dressing 
  3. Chicken cut up into small cubes, season with hot sauce ( Tabasco or hitter, your choice) 
  4. Blue cheese
  5. White cheese
  6. Red pepper cut up.   ( color) 
Another concept is almost free pizza.   My co- workers retort to that was, who's giving
Away pizza?  
Operative word....almost,    
Whenever you are chopping anything that goes in a pizza for another meal during the week, chop a little more and shove it in a bag that you place in the freezer door.    Ditto meat.   Chicken?  Ham for ham and pineapple pizza.    When you have enough make pizza.  

Guess that's all .   

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