Thursday, March 31, 2016

Things to buy at the dollar store.

The  best smelling hand soap.

Organizing baskets - when all of one thing is in a basket, it's easier to find and things are neat.  

A dust pan with a handle saves your back....

Bowl covers.   Easiest way to solve the problem of putting a bowl in the fridge you can't find a cover for. Or that has no cover.  It doesn't touch the food.  

Why pay big money for tissue you are going to throw away.   Sometimes they have counts of 200 per box.  This was 175.  They have puffs too.  

Gift bags, tissue, gift boxes 

Best cookies that sell for upwards of four dollars elsewhere.    

Canvas cubes that sell for five dollars elsewhere.   We are using them to sort clean c,others ready for the chest of drawers downstairs.  

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