Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Terrific Tuesday

It's Tuesday , the ads come out today.   I will post them , but I really don't have to go shopping.  Mthe fridge and pantry are full.  

Yesterday. I made cranberry chicken in the crockpot.   I de-boned four other chicken 1/2 breasts.   The weighed a little more than a pound each.   I put the bones into a stockpot and added some herbs.  
I now have some chicken left over from last nights dinner, soup stock and a tub of chicken pieces, and four more de-boned  chicken breasts.   Cost of last night's  meat was about .50.   Even if we use the entire breast, it  would be a dollar.    That goes a long way to balance  with a salmon dinner and still stay within a five  dollar dinner.   I will use the chicken from the bones for chicken enchiladas later in the week.   I will freeze the chicken stock after I defat it and I take the salmon out of our baby freezer.
That means I will get seven meals from  5.50 worth of chicken.    That's  .79 a meal.  

The dollar store has them stale brothers cookbook.  It has a variety of surprisingly sophisticated dishes in it.   Just saying..

I have been watching a lot of food hauls on u tube.   Most of them are for two hundred dollars and up.   Most of them either have copious snack food, or  are real heavy with alternative foods.   I try to hit the middle of the road. . . I don't buy expensive alternative food, nor do we buy four bags of chips every week.    I buy tortilla chips sometimes.    Sometimes we have nachos for dinner,  or we have them with chilli or taco soup.   They don't seem to be lady with salt.    Sometimes I buy hummus when I can get it on sale and we dip veggies in it.   Popcorn and an air popper make for a good snack.  You can control the salt and the butter, and there is no garbage in it like microwave popcorn has.  

Buying junk food will surely  derail your food train and besides, those foods are not good for you.  

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