Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fred Meyers ad

Got the ad for Fred Meyers today,    My hubby went to the dollar tree and bought the paper and another pair of dress sox for granddaughter.   Seems she has lost one of her dress sox.   It was either buy another pair or let her do the bunny  hop! !   !  

The ad

Foster farms split chicken breast. .99.  

This is a really good price and it is easier to debone them when they are split.   I debone them and save the bones  for soup stock.   Buying soup stock in a box or can is another good way to derail your meal train.   I get low sodium chicken granulas or  better than Boullion.   I prefer better than boullion, but the dry granulas work for mixes.  

Grapes 1.88
Tillamook cheese 5.49@@.  Cheaper at Safeways,  

Hillshire farms smoked sausage 2/5@@

Berries 2/5

Chick roast 3.99

Kroger pasta 100.    Nite the dollar store has Barilla for a buck .  

That's about it.  

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