Saturday, July 6, 2019

Concept : coupons and bargains.

Make no bones about it, paper coupons are going away,   It might be better for the planet, but it isn’t better for you.    I am not seeing coupons on the paper at the dollar store any more, I quit buying them.

On the food coupons are few and far between. 

The good news is, I no longer need to pack around a coupon binder.  The bad news is that coupons are digital and they are attached to a particular store.  You could really clean up if you could find a good sale and match it with a coupon.   

As it is, it’s just a magic surprise.  Fred Meyers and QFC have digital coupons good for usually a 3 day period and they are usually a really good buy.  Sometimes they are lure junk food, but there are some things that are a good buy. 

I go into QFC and hit anything that I would normally buy.  Then when I buy something that is a good price and get a magic surprise in a bonus coupon,   It happened when I got really good hamburger patties for 6.99 for two pounds of patties.   That’s about what two pounds of good hamburger would cost, but these have bacon and cheese in them.  A really good treat.   I had added a two dollar coupon so we got hamburgers for 2.50 a pound.   

I am  not finding much at Safeways, the coupons are for more than we ever pay on the first place.   
Most of Alberways prices are twenty five percent higher than other stores.   Unless they have a really good sale, they are not a good place for bargains. I don’t see a lot of bargains at Walmart either. 

Every few years, our local newspaper makes up a grocery cart list and then goes out and compares prices.  The latest update was what I had observed on the first place,   Fred Meyers and  Winco are the cheapest. 

 Actually, they found grocery outlet the cheapest too, but they are nit a full grocery store.   For those not in this part of the country, grocery outlet is a grocery store that sells overstocks. Sometimes it can be something  that was manufactured for a test market or something that is out of season.  It isn’t out of date, bit out of season.  So, if you don’t mind eating pumpkin flavor in the summer, you can really clean up.   Some are  90 percent off.  

There are no coupons  at grocery outlet, but they have a good stock of organic as well as regular food.   Some things are regular stock that you can find every time you go, and sometimes there are magic surprises that you can take to the bank.   Like bread stuffing for a quarter.  It wasn’t thanksgiving lol .   
It was a name brand.  I also find taco kits for a dollar  at times, that’s the price ofmthemshells, amd you get taco sauce and  seasoning.  

It is like a treasure hunt and you never know what you are going to find.  Oreo candy bars were .25 for two bars. 

It might be something to be said that we have found the Seattle store with higher prices than the other stores and they didn’t stand behind their produce when I got a bag of apples that were all rotten. The Lynnwood and Kenmore stores are cleaner and better.   We like Kenmore,becaise otmjas a dollar tree next door so we can get a lot done with one stop.   We have a very economical car, but it is still better not to waste gas.   

Basically, if you go to grocery outlet with an open mind , you can really clean up on the bargain 
department without coupons.   I don’t buy the meat, amd I don’t buy the veggies.   I do buy the normal deli packages that are at any store like cheese and bacon. 

Using every trick you can legally use , you can eat well on four dollars a day.  Washington snap is at 4.25 a day.  

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