Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sunday, it must be meal plans

Meal plans are a necessary part of groceries on the cheap....of you are organized, even a little bit, it makes life easier and less hectic. The time you are spending in the question, what’s for dinner can be used to out a chicken on a slow cooker  make a batch of magic mix. This makes dinners cheaper and more efficient.

  • Chicken orzo soup (taste of home ) , rolls 
  • Pizza
  • Burrito pie , lettuce and tomato 
  • Chicken pot pie 
  • Potato and ham soup, cheesy biscuits
  • Veggie bow ties , rolls 
  • Breakfast for dinner

  • Chicken Orzo soup uses chicken from the chicken thighs we cooked last week, 
  • Pizza is a mainstay, a cheese pizza scratch costs a few cents over a dollar. 
  • Burrito pie is made with beef and cooked in the oven , 
  • Chicken pot pie has one crust for a reduction in carbs and uses the chicken from thighs, 
  • Potato and ham soup is made in the insta pot and cheesy biscuits take minutes to make. Granddaughter is getting really good at making them .
  • Veggie bow ties is Friday’s recipe.  Add bread sticks 
  • Breakfast for dinner,   A family meal where everyone cooks.

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