Monday, July 8, 2019

Monday Kitchen Management

Some of this blog is so repetitive that the blog spell check writes the sentences by itself! Lol

Last night we had a ham, cheese, peppers quiche.  It was breakfast for dinner night and I wasn’t feeling well.   I had the option to stay in the hospital, but at three thousand or so a  day, I opted out.
I came home with drugs and a prayer.

I digress :  Kitchen Management

  1. Wash kitchen floor. 
  2. Clean out the refrigerator and dump anything dead 💀. 
  3. Clean and disinfect countertops and sinks and drains. 
  4. Make magic mix 
  5. Make pancake mix and make label for the canister with directions. 
  6. Wash potatoes and carrots, fruit, 
  7. Straighten the pantry
Pancake mix is a lot cheaper than buying it.  And, so is muffin mix and magic mix.  They take just a few minutes and save a ton of money.   I got another sack of 7.29 flour because I suspect flour will be taking a hike.  I am already seeing bread prices go up.  Another thing that will see an increase will be pasta.   Pasta has an EIGHT year shelf life.  You really can stock pasta and it makes a quick and easy meal. 

The hedge from ordering pizza because if time and energy constraints is to have your four to six weeks supply of food and a few no brainier meals that go together in a flash with almost no energy,   
Some people call them dump and go.   They don’t have to start with a box of something that costs  a bundle.  A few minutes when you have the time and energy, can save a lot of time and energy when you don’t. 

My daughter recently took on a five hour a day job with no benefits.   She is waiting for a better job that should open up and contemplating going back to college for a higher degree.  Four years of college for barely more than minimum wage is not working  to support a family.   She has been finding resources she didn’t know existed.   Networking is a good thing,   

Please share this blog.  I am trying to get my readership up so I can keep this up.

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