Thursday, July 4, 2019

Truth, Justice, and the American way

It’s  the Fourth of July and the words of Superman.......

This is supposed to be a list day.    Scheduling makes things a bit less hectic,   Zoning your household chores keeps things in perspective  and helps you from becoming overwhelmed. Many people when overwhelmed tend to do nothing,  it’s the safe thing to do.

I remember a  gal in a Seattle morning show years ago talk about a tickler file.  It was a small 3x5 file card box with dividers for days if the week and months of the year; virtually every chore you could ever need to do was on a three by five index card and filed as to weekly chores or monthly ones. Everything from changing  the smoke detector batteries, to feeding the lawn.   If you are disciplined,  that works. It also works in remembering birthdays.

We have zone  cleaning.  Most of the time, that works, unless you get sick for three weeks, like I have been so far this summer.  LOL.   We get off some weeks, but normally, it works for everyday cleaning.

When I went to Management School, they taught us to tackle a large project  with the Swiss cheese treatment.  If you just start and poke jokes in it, eventually, it will get done.

Take cleaning up after a large dinner.  You have a messy table.  Set priorities.

  • Get the uneaten food off the table and store on bags or refrigerator dishes and in the refrigerator before it spoils.
  • Now, pick up the garbage.   Paper plates, napkins etc,   Tackling the biggest chore first gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes things look a lot more manageable. 
  • Next, you would clear the table.  Glasses first, then silverware and plates.   
  • By taking one step at a time, the job is less overwhelming. 
This is really simplified, but the concept works for about any job from cleaning out the car after a road trip, to putting away groceries after a shopping trip, or redecorating a room. 

Making a list, even in your head, organizes your thoughts and makes life simpler.   Some people come by this naturally, some have a harder time. This world would be a really dull one if all of us had the same personality.  And, some people have challenges.   

Whatever works for you.  

On another note, picnic time is the one time certain things go on sale.  It is a good idea to stock those things for the year.  On digital coupon, bbq sauce is a dollar.   You can by 5.  That’s less than a half bottle a month.   We are set for the year.   Cream soup if you use it, is best bought during thanksgiving time.  The difference can be more than a dollar a can.  Baking supplies are best bought during Christmas and Easter,   The sales  make things like sugar as little as a dollar  a bag.  We don’t use a lot of  sugar, so a bag or two lasts us a year.   

Taking advantage  of sakes when they happen saves a lot of money.  It can happen on a budget because you are buying tomstock, amd something else was purchased at a different time. 

When my granddaughter was growing fast, my daughter would wait until the end of the season and buy her next years clothes when they were 70 percent off.   A co-worker just didn’t get that concept, what are you going to save, she said, a McDonald’s hamburger!   Every little bit adds up.   Attitude can make a big difference.  It’s all about the mind set.   

I a, lucky enough to have a budget to stretch.   I am going to make the most of it.   

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