Sunday, July 14, 2019

It’s Sunday and we have meal plans

Menu planning is a necessary part of groceries on the cheap.   Having a plan makes the dinner hour a lot less hectic.

I try to use a matrix based on protein.  This gives us a variety of foods.  

  • Herb crusted chicken breast, bread stuffing with apple and craisens, green beans 
  • Pizza bread 
  • Chicken enchiladas, lettuce and  tomatoes 
  • Burrito pie
  • Chicken pot pie , baked apples
  • Tuna casserole , peas and carrots 
  • Breakfast for dinner. 
Notes :  my daughter scored a a lot of French bread so we are incorporating bread into the menu plan. You save money by incorporating what you have and what is on sale in any particular  week.   Being flexible is a good tool for  s t r e t c h I n g your food dollar.   

Frozen vegetables are often less expensive and fresh because they are licked and frozen within hours.  
Enchilada sauce is made with magic mix and mild diced green chilies.    Diced green chilies are cheapest at Winco and in their label. 

We are still working on the chicken  from the thighs I cooked  a week or so ago and froze. 

The QFC magazine that came in the mail has a good article about what plants to avoid while camping or hiking. 

It also has some good coupons and recipes.    

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