Friday, June 22, 2012

The cheapest grocery store this week.

I thought I would give an overview of My process of picking the stores to go to this week. I first went through the coupons that came in the grocery adds. I found one for lunchmeat, and one for morning star products.

We have Safeways,Albertsons, Top Foods, and QFC in this area. There are dollar stores both north and south of us, each around a cluster of grocery stores. I can go to either set of stores and keep a tight circle so I don 't waste time or gas.

Safeways has a new program " Just for u" . My daughter set it up for me in the computer. There are several things I buy marked really low....basically, free eggs, milk, bread, lettuce...the basics.

I take a piece of computer paper, usually one from the scrap pile off the printer, divide it into quarters and mark each section with a grocery store.


Just for u offers

Onions .88
Tomatoes .99
Strawberries 1# 1.99
Beef bottom round bigi. 5.49

$5.00 Fridays: tilapia, 3lb strawberries,cream cakes
1.00 ...dry pasta, pizza dough balls ( I think that is cheaper than scratch.


Cake mix 1.00 (I keep one ahead )
raspberries 1.25
Ragu 1.00
Biscuits 1.00.
Ore Ida mashed pot 1.00

Chicken 1.00 lb
Milk 1.99

Cheese 4.99 2 #
10% off entire purchase
Pasta .75 lb (buy 10)

Now, cross off anything you have enough stock of, and anything that is cheaper elsewhere. Pick two stores that are clustered together or on your way to somewhere.
I keep a cooler bag in my car for shopping trips, also many cities around here require you to use paper bags, or bri g your own. In Seattle, it costs you 5 cents for a bag unless you bring your own.

Don't forget to put a c in a circle where you need a coupon, and BRING your coupons.
I also bring my adds.

Happy shopping!

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  1. We had the pizza dough tonight for dinner. Tasted wonderful, bit I had a devil of a tme rolling out the dough. Next time I will spend the time to make it from scratch. Kane