Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This weeks specials

Good morning. I know I'm early, but some people want to shop right when the adds come out when selection is good. I used to shop on Wednesday until they changed my hours at work and friendship hour started.


Country ribs 1.99
Corn on cob 6/1.00
Berries 1.99/ 6 oz

$5.00. FRIDAY
Lemon meringue pie
18 oz blueberries
Turkey burgers

Just for U
Tillamook Cheese. 4.99


Butter 2/4.00
Yogurt 3/1.00
Blues 18 oz 4.99
RAGU..on sale for 1.49*** note we paid 1.00 last week, that's a 33 percent savings over the " sale " price.


Blues 32 oz for 5.99
Corn 3/1@ (coupon)
country style ribs 2.00
Milk 2.49
Mayo 1.99
Chicken of the sea tuna .89


HILSHIRE farms sausage 2/5.00

That's all for that. Cross off anything that you have a stock of, and the larger prices and you are left with the two stores that work for u.

Thanks for stopping by


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