Thursday, June 21, 2012

Post 499 where are you?

Good morning, whereever you are. While writing t his, I just assumed that I was writing to people in the Pacific Northwest. While looking at stats, I discovered that there are people in Germany and South Korea reading too. A lot of this theory is based on A typical family in suburbia. Many things can be adapted to fit your lifestyle. I have copies of magazine articles through the years; most of them are based on full price food from NNew York City or Mid America.

An article in May 1991 Woman's day is feeding a family of four for 84 dollars a week.
The prices are remarkably higher than what we can buy the items for today--even shopping wisely. I really don't think that the food is any bettr in general. They talk about pepper steak, chicken bologona (yuk,gag me with a spoon), chicken potato salad, ziti with meatballs, salmon cakes, pork butt steaks,chicken drumsticks, sandwiches for lunch and Sunday breakfast everyday. lunch at our house is usually on the fly, no one is at home at the same time and some od us work. Breakfast is more fast passed as well, getting ready for work or school. In other words, we have less formal breakfast and lunches and I suspect that many others in America do as well. We do make it a point to eat dinner together as a family most nights.

I consistently spend 75 dollars a week on food. That leaves me a stock and buys the staples like flour, etc. That does not buy snack foods other than popcorn or dinners out. There are three adults and a child in our family at the present.

By planning meals around your stock and what is on sale the current week, and using tricks to easily cook meals, you can eat better for less money.

Next time: analyze this weeks grocery ads.

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