Sunday, June 17, 2012

The next step

To recap: 1) We have covered developing our personal cookbooks using moderately priced sources of protein. 2) ways of cooking from scratch quickly. I don't want to spend more than 20 minutes in the kitchen at dinner time. 3) how much you can get "paid" for shopping wisely. 4) setting spending limits on food groups. 1.00 for veggies and fruit; 2.25 for protein. ( I make exceptions, but not real often, I average prices.) After shopping, sit down and make a list of the weeks main dishes. In preparation for shopping: 1). Clean the refer and bread storage and " dump everything dead". 2) write down anything you are short of. 3). Using the weekly grocery ads, divide a piece of computer paper in quarters and label each quarter with the name of the stores. (I use the waste from the printer or any junk mail that has two sides.). Now, write down anything in the grocery ad that you use in your meals that is featured. After a while, you will know if it is a bargain or not.cross off any item previously written down if you run on to a cheaper price. Now asses the two grocery stores that have the best bargains. Your goal is to pretty much only buy what is on sale. Plan your trip to bundle your errands so you don't waste gas. I go to two grocery stores a week. Once a month to six weeks I hit Costco, winco, the franz outlet and grocery outlet. I don't go to through grocery store and buy two days worth of groceries at a time. That jacks your grocery bill worst than almost anything else. The biggest don'ts are: frequent grocery store visits. The stores have spent a lot of research to get you to impulse buy. Buying your food at the fanciest and most expensive stores in town. Stick to the large chains and pick the lowest two for the week. Buying a lot of pre made things. That already cooled whole chicken at safe ways is three pounds. Even at 5.00 it is a lot of money. It takes 15 minutes or less to put a chicken in the oven and on sale you can get a 5 or 6 pound chicken for the same 5 bucks. Do the math and see which premeds are cheaper. A few are. A good math exercise for older children. If you really like something, buy one, and figure out what is in it. Next the basic " rules of grocery shopping" Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment and spread the word that I am here. If I don't get more hits, I am going to think that I am not doing anyone any good and quit This. Jane this.

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