Monday, June 18, 2012

Odds and Ends from my notes and the Pizza Crust Recipe

I found my notes from years ago.  So here are the things that I haven't already covered .
1) be sure to make a list of seven main dishes when you get home from the store.
    If you take advantage of the meats on special, you may decide at the store that they are
    not what you want. 

2) Buying ahead and stocking is a good way to insure you have food in the event of a disaster, be it
   you lost your job, or an act of God event....

3)  Never go shopping hungry .  and avoid taking extra people with you.  The more people, the larger
the food bill, statistics show. 

4) AVOID impulse buys.  The peremeter of the store has the necessities and the middle of the
   store has the other stuff. 

5)  Watch the end isle displays...they aren't always "on Sale" . Know your prices.  The price book
     helps, but after a while, you will remember prices. 

6)  Watch the scanner.  Scanners are notorious for making mistakes. 

7)  Not everything at costco is cheaper.  Take a small calculator along and check. 
     Watch produce bags at costco carefully.  If one or two of your product is bad, you
     haven't saved anything. 

8)  Don't buy snack foods. 

9)  If you have children with a hollow leg, buy certain items that they know are "FREE" items
     that they can eat all they want, and it isn't part of dinner.  Make sure that they are things that
    they like and that they are nutricious. 

10)  Statistics show that the longer we are in a store , the more we spend.  That's why stores
       change things around. Hit the store with your list of specials and necesities, and get out. 

11)  Dinner "Kits" are expensive.  Make them from scratch.  Most of the time, it takes no moe time
       than if you make them from a box.  The word Convenience starts with the letter $.
            Our family calls this  "No Brainer Pasta"
           Open Large can of Pasta Sauce (Hunts)  any flavour, hold aside 3/4 of a cup. 
           Add 3.5 cups of water to it in a bowl.  (you should have 7 cups of diluted sauce)
           Grease a 9X13 pan (pam?)
           Pour 1 pound of DRY pasta into the pan and add the diluted sauce.
           Cover with foil and bake 30 minutes at 425degrees.
           Uncover, reduce heat to 400 at add Cooked meat of your choice and 1 cup of
           grated cheese.  Bake uncovered an additional 10 minutes. 

Instead of 2.50 for the sauce , it costs about .99 and you have left over sauce to use on
pizza  later in the week. 

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