Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Four plus One is FIVE!

Four people , one meal, five bucks.

I spend 75 dollars a week on food. I could easily drop to 65 and maintain a smaller stock. Setting yourself a dollar amount keeps you in check. To maintain that amount,
Dinners need to be five bucks to leave money for breakfast. Lunch can be leftovers or
A sandwich. Many retired people eat a large breakfast and a large dinner.

By watching your food budget, you would be surprised how many dinners come in less than
Five dollars. Setting a ceiling on the amount you pay per pound for protein and veggies keeps you in check. Averaging helps. I want to spend 2.50 on protein.
The dollar figure hasn't changed much from the seventies. The protein has become more creative. We as a nation have found that 6 ounces per person of meat is not healthy.
I usually try for, a protein, a veggie, a salad and a starch per meal. Sometimes it is
In the form of a soup or casserole.

Last night we had turkey sausage (tube kind) with red potatoes, and red peppers. French bread, and strawberry shortcake for desert.

More examples:

Cheeseburger macaroni ( I only get pasta products when they are a dollar a pound. They have a LONG shelf life)

Breakfast for dinner -- quiche, sausage and eggs

Sausage and bean soup...or just bean soup and cheesy bread

Tacos and Re fried beans. I only use canned beans. Cooking them from scratch
Doesn' pay if you get beans for 50 cents and "fresh" beans and rice only can be sadly kept I'm the refer for two days.They don't freeze well.

Roast chicken, chicken breast, chicken pot pies

Roast pork, pork chops with stuffing, pork sandwiches

Guess, I'm out of space
Next time, breakfast!
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