Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let's talk bread and butter.

When I was growing up, my Dad insisted that regular bread and butter be on the table every night. THere was a time when my folks were saving to pay off more of the house. Mom made bread every Thursday. That was the night that we knew we were going to have pizza. Mom went through a period when she decided that she would be really really efficient and we had the same meal the same day of the week every week. She also washed a certain load of clothes on monday , etc.

Bread. We go once every four to six weeks to the bakery outlet and freeze bread. The loaves of pan bread are 3/ 5.89. I buy the loaves of sandwich loaves and freeze them. They also have the same brown and serve baguettess that Costco has. The last time I checked, they were .69 cents a loaf. I like to serve the " French bread" with soup for a comforting meal. It's good on rainy days. Not that the Pacific Northwest has any rain lol.

There are a lot of bread baker recipes out there. Bread bakers were popular in the nineties . You could probably get them at the goodwill. I don't know if they still make them or not. Sour dough starter is a good inexpensive way to make bread .

Butter is 2.00 a pound this week. My nutritionist says that you are better off using a little butter than using a spread. The denser the spread, the more Fat it has.

I cut a loaf of Crusty bread in half lengthwise. Put a skim of butter on it and sprinkle with either steak seasoning (dollar store) or a hard cheese that I have used the micro plane on and broil the bread. The micro plane is a good way to stretch your cheese.

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