Saturday, June 16, 2012

An example of cheap...being flexible

We just got back from a shopping trip. We were looking for several things non food and landed at the sears complex..trying to get the most shopping for our gas. We ton to grocery outlet nearby. Kraft cooking cheese was 2/1.00 Tomatoes were 5/1.00 Betty crocker twice loaded potatoes were 2/1.00 Ore Ida sweet potato fries were 4 lbs for .99 cents Using 1.5 lbs of the fries, the free hamburger buns I got at the bread store, a pound of hamburger I ground myself for 2.25 a pound and my own sloppy Joe mix, and vEggie sticks, would make dinner 3.65. I spent probably one extra hour shopping this week. I spent less time cooking, but that being said, I saved 80.00. That 's 80.00 an hour. Not bad. That 's more than I ever made working.

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