Friday, March 21, 2014

Beat the hate to shop blues

Despite all the jokes that women love to shop, I hear there actually is people that hate to sh.  I suspect it is because they don't have the. Knew, or they are an indecisive personality.  The obvious solution is to either, get over it, because some shopping os a fact of life, or delegate the job to someone else in the family that doesn't have a problem with shopping.

Making a game if it can help.  SAFEWAYS has a just for you coupon for five dollars off twenty.   I want to see just how much I can get for my 15.00.  Obviously, the  closer to twenty dollars you stay, the bigger the  percent of savings.

I know I want two chickens if I can get them big enough.  And, blue bunny ice cream is a no Brainer.  After that, it's a matter of winging it.

Back later with my results!

My total was 15.23.  I spent another five dollars at the dollar store.  

I got
2 -4.5 lb chickens
2 lbs strawberries
6 loaves of sandwich bread
Ice cream

At the dollar store I got pizza crust, French fries and pepperoni.

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