Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday ads

The ads for Sunday. I went over the drug store ads.  There is a lot of candy anticipating Easter,but I'm not seeing a lot of other good stuff.

Rite aid
I have a two dollar up reward to use.,,

My sugar free turtles are 2/3, also life savors.
Reach toothbrush 2.99 with a yow dollar up reward nets .99
Sure deodorant, or brut.  1.50, 1.00 coupon on paper, .50 up reward FREE

This is a good example of why it is not a good plan to just go to the store and buy what you need.  

Kleenex tissues are on a coupon in the paper for .30.  Good anywhere you buy them.
They are 6.99 at rite aid.  Nets 6.69.

Walgreens has the same tissue for 4.99 with the same .30 coupon.  Two dollars cheaper and there is a 3.00 reward.

That's a turn around of Five dollars.

Olives .99
Campbell's soup .75 chicken noodle or tomato

Fred Meyers

Pot roast 3.48
Apples .88
Butter 3/4@@
Eggs 2/3@@
Bumble bee tuna .69@@
Kroger beans or tomatoes 2/1@@. This is a good stock item. Limit 6.
Nalleys chili .89

That's about all.

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