Saturday, March 22, 2014

Suddenly Saturday

It's Saturday.  I  just spent a delightful few hours with friend at a belated mardi gras party.  I don't think I have ever had jambalaya.   It was quite good.  They skipped th shrimp because of allergies, but was still really good.

I did not get the newspaper yet, so tomorrow's ads will have to happen tomorrow.

We had an interesting discussion at lunch about how many homeless children there are, even in communities that we would expect to be affluent.    This last recession has hurt a lot of oeople really hard, something our legislators don't seem to have grasped.   The meat prices  have drastically gone up and the bargains are becoming few and far between.   I am noticing it on a regular basis.  I only spent 20.23 this week.   Fortunately, I could do so  because I have stocked when prices were low.   We will see how I adapt when my stock is depleting.

Groceries  on the cheap takes a whole different approach to buying groceries.  Many people go to the store weekly, or more often and buy just what they need for the weeks groceries.  Doing so, they pay top dollar for their food.  With groceries on the cheap. You buy what is on sale and rotate your purchases so that you always have food on the pantry/ freezer and you are just adding to it.  Of course, perishables have to be purchased on a regular basis.  Dairy, except milk, has a far out pull date , so I get it on bulk at Costco often.  Fruits and veggies I buy what is on season at the cheapest price ,  taking quality into consideration.  

I rotate the meat of the week and buy enough for a months worth of those meals.   In other words, if we eat chicken twice a week, I want eight meals worth of chicken.  That is two chickens for us.  I got it for .80 a pound this week.  That's unusual, I feel good of I can get it for a buck.   I usually rotate chicken, pork loin, hamburger (9 percent ) and sausage or cheese.   Last week I bought cheese,the week before pork loin.  

The bottom line os that you never want to pay full price for anything-- but especially the corrections that you buy on a regular basis.  

More tomorrow.


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