Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday ads

 Fred Meyers

Broccoli .78
Triscuits  3/5 @@
Coffee , FOLGERS 5.99@@
Ground turkey 2/7@@
Barilla 1.00 - look for coupon

Peanut butter 1.88

Veggies 2/1 limit 6@@

Sour cream or cream cheese 1.00

Rite aid has decoded not to put theor ads in the Sunday paper.  I went on line.   Electric toothbrush nets a buck with coupons.   Pantene shampoo nets 1.50 again with a coupon.  Bumble bee good tuna is 1.50 with up rewards.

Puffs tissue is a buck

Today's dinner made easy from Betty Crocker has strawberry cream cheese cupcakes.   Cream cheese os a buck at Fred Meyers and it uses preserves, so you could actually sub blueberry or raspberry too.  

That's about all.

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