Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday ads

My daughter picked up the paper yesterday.   There was no rite aid ad.   I looked at the coupon match
  up site.  I don't see a lot except for free baby food.   I am sure that if you don't have a baby, the food bank would welcome it.


Milk 2.29
Tissue .99
Bumble Bee Tuna .69

Fred Meyer

Strawberries 2 lbs 2.98
Chicken .99.    Cheaper at SAFEWAYS
Tillamook cheese 4.99@@
Milk 4/5
Bread 3/4@@
Smoked sausage 3/10
Pears .88
 Grapes 2.48
Coffee 5.99

That's about all.   Be sure to check the matchups.  

I am going to prep in the kitchen this morning and I need to get some work done on my studio.  

I entered into a group discussion on what constitutes junk food,   I steer clear of a lot of meal boxes etc, not because they could in some people s eyes be junk food, bit because I stick to a strict budget.  I want to prove that a good, well balanced diet can be had with the amount you can get from food stamps.   I think it takes a little education, it's  a whole different way of looking at food shopping and preparing meals.  There os an entire generation of children out there that have been allowed to be picky and think that food comes out of a box.   That isn't necessarily the most healthy way or the least expensive way to eat.  

To me, the definition of junk food is anything that comes up in the empty calories venue.  If you can look at it and the food value is zilch, it's probably junk food.  Things like potato chips, ding dongs,  pop tarts , pop etc.    I only bake peanut butter or oatmeal cookies.   I make muffins that have oatmeal and real fruit in them.   If  sugar is the main.ingredient, you probably don't want it.
It surprised me to see that there are some extremists out there that think pizza , anything in a box and cookies and anything that isn't veggies in the freezer case is junk food.   What about fish, shellfish? Potatoes, frozen fruit?  

Again, look at the nutritients.   If it's full of fat, sugar  or salt, it's probably junk food.  Pizza to me is protein and veggies on bread.  I don't think that it is much different than eating a sandwich. Kids just love it.  While I am not a big fan of letting a child dictate the dinner menu , cooking what they like within reason sure makes life easier.   Pizza, pasta, burritos come to mind.  

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