Saturday, March 15, 2014

Suddenly Saturday

I totally missed Friday.  Unexpected events totally consumed my Friday.  Sorry.   I didn't grocery shop because I didn't have too!  That is precisely why I show the way I do.  An unexpected event can happen and an incident you have no control over can completely redirect your day.

Groceries on the cheap takes a whole different approach to grocery shopping.  Instead of going and just buying what you might need for the week, you buy what is on sale and stock to carry you through until the next sale.  You, after you get yourself stocked, never are stuck without anything on the house to eat.  This saves money because you are not tempted to get take out or go out because you can't get to the grocery store at your regularly stated time.

We are taking steps to simplify our lives somewhat.  We are retired and find that making some changes will make life easier.  I would have  never dreamed three years ago that I would have a darling granddaughter that brings joy to is every day. But, she also brings grocery carts, strollers, dolls, stuffies  and a mirage of other stuff!  Our house was already full before the latest addition!   I decoded to get one box of things out per week either to the goodwill or the store.  It's time for me to get Easter stock out.

I digress.  We had a beef stew and a green salad with field greens, blue cheese, and pecans in it for dinner.  My granddaughter has decided  she likes turkey meatballs.  I would really like to know how to cook them, Gerber  graduates taste good, but they are really expensive.  I know that ground turkey isn't cheap and it has a different texture than ground beef. I think I will analyze the ingredient list!  
May be try small batches until I get them to her liking.  My daughter made her bow toe pasta.  She told her that it was Minnie Mouse pasta!  The child is a really picky eater.  I'm not used to working with children that are picky eaters.  My mother would have never stood still for it.  I understand that she has a little stomach and need to spread her meals out.

Precooking your meat and putting it in portion controlled packages os a good way to stretch your dollars and make mealtime less hectic.

Knowing the real sale price on a product affords you the luxury of not paying full price for anything.
I saw a really good quote on Facebook today.  It soda something like,  if you don't criticize me for using coupons, I won't criticize you for throwing your money away.  LOl.  Still, I say, I'm moderation!   I won't buy a years worth of something we might not even eat.  That is wasting money too.  But, keeping a stock of the things you do eat on a regular basis just saves time and gas.

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