Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Madness - Happy St Patricks Day

 Happy St Patricks Day!   Most people will be having corned beef and cabbage tonight.  Since my husband doesn't like either and my daughter and granddaughter are semi vegetarian, that ain't gonna happen!   LOL

I am going to make soup and bread this morning for a sick friend.  If I make a large batch, we will have dinner made. I have never tried Irish soda bread.

Yesterday's shopping trip didn't net exactly what I had expected in the matter of the Kleenex. The boxes were 85 count boxes.  The ad didn't show it as clearly as I would have liked it.  Still at 1.69 for six   boxes,  was still a very good buy.  We did get deodorant for free .  That's toothpaste and deodorant for free.  I have never found toilet paper or soap yet.  I've got soap really cheap, but not quite for free.  I hear it can be done., but I'm not there yet.  I am thinking of the people on snap and snap doesn't cover anything but food.  If you can get the heigene necessities for free, it frees up money for other things.   Rite Aid has Pyrex laundry detergent, buy 1, get TWO.   We didn't need any, but that sounds like a really good buy.   But, I really needed sugar free turtles!   LOL.  All in all, I got two packages of Russell stover "turtles and two deodorants and spent .50.

We had pork chops, baked potatoes, strawberries and peas for dinner.  Fred Meyers has really beautiful strawberries reasonable.  They were really ripe and needed to be used ASAP.   Also, they had apples for .88 and pears for .88.  We like a apple and cottage cheese salad or apple and blue cheese.  Butter is 2/4 and it is Darigold.  The sandwich rolls were a dollar cheaper than SAFEWAYS,
Black beans were .50 a can, limit six. Beans and tomatoes were all on sale, but black beans is what we were short of.   Total bill 25.00.   That was it for this weeks groceries.

I have been watching people lately in regards to spending habits since I started this blog.  There are a  lot of people that will save and scrimp on some things, and then blow what they saved on something  else.  It seems ironic to me that a person that will be hell bent to use a quarter on an inch of scotch tape wrapping something will go to the store and pay full price on something they can get for free.   My mother used to call that penny wise and pound foolish.  .  It just doesn't seem consistent with the mindset. My mother didn't want to spend money on anything that she didn't have anything to,show for when  she was done.  I can count on my fingers the amount of times I got to go to a movie.  Or eat in a restaurant.

Years ago, there was a theory that everyone will pick one thing to buy the best quality off even if it is mustard.   Food for thought.

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