Thursday, March 20, 2014

Terrific Thursday

I have discovered that some of the rewards specials from Walgreens are really all coupons and you can't use more than one coupon per item if they are manufacturers coupons.  Scratch two toothpastes.

Chicken is really cheap at SAFEWAYS, limit 4.  I can roast two at a time, but need to use separate pans.  Otherwise, the air doesn't circulate enough to get all of them done.
The Internet is full of delicious chicken recipes.  Try to get ones that are closer to 5 pounds, certainly well over 3 pounds.  

SAFEWAYS has blue bunny ice cream for 3.49.  It is a good alternative for people on special diets. Low fat, low sugar.  I sometimes get a coupon.  

None of the grocery chains have mass bargains again.  I guess it will take diligent watching.  I got beans and could have had tomatoes for ..50 with a limit.  It just means you,need to buy the limit every time it's on a coupon in order to stock of they are items on your target list.
I am also not seeing a lot of regular food on coupon other than store coupon.   I think it might be time to explore Winco again.

I did get salsa at business Costco. It was 5.59 for a gallon.  We go through a lot of salsa ( mainly my daughter) and I can't make or buy it for that even with coupons.  

There are a lot, a whole generation of young adults that think that dinner comes  out of a box. Dinners in boxes can be very expensive and lack food value. There are ways to cook dinner better, cheaper, faster.   Many things don't take any longer to scratch cook than box cook.   It's a matter of being organized a little.

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