Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday madness

It's  kitchen  management day.    A few minutes ofmbulk chopping and cooking makes way to a lot shorter time in the kitchen at the hectic dinner hour.  Even if you are tired or sick, when dinner is 1/2 cooked, you have more incentive to finish dinner.

Granddaughter is taking hot cocoa kits to her friends at school today for a special treat.  This year I skipped the snowman soup poem and granddaughter helped to  make the kits.   I think it is important to give children the sense of community.  

There is a grass roots faction out there to have no spend January.  We could very well do that and pare down the pantry.  I have been trying to skip a few doses of my expensive  med, but am to the point where making it to the eom is not too practical.   We, however have managed to pay for the other meds with grocery money,   My average this month so far is sixty dollars.    The budget is seventy five.  

I ran onto a U- tuber the other day that had a different approach to grocery shopping.  She doesn't stock per say.  She buys a bit more of something if it a really good buy.   She hits at least three stores with a ore designated plan as to what she is going to get at each store and how much her bisget for that store is.   After each store, she does the math and adjusts accordingly her budget.   Starts off with a meat market, then two discount type grocery stores.    She does  this after she unloads a truck at Target at four in the morning.  Remarkable feat on my book!  LOL.
I'm not that organized, bit rarely do I go over budget.  

The thing I am seeing is that people with large families especially are more diligent about buying real food instead of a lot of snack type foods.   Expensive cuts of meat and snack foods will de rail your budget quickly.   The other off the track thing would we not staying on top of the fridge and using leftovers or veggies before they go bad.    Simple recipes really help to make things quick and easy and are more efficient when the days get crazy.  

Impossible pie, or poor mans quiche ,is a recipe that can be put together on ten minutes or less and is full, of protein with inexpensive ingredients.   Add a salad or fruit.

1/2 cup bisquick - .25
Two eggs - .20
Ham ( 1.40 a huge slice ) .70
Milk .12
Cheese .50

Total 1.77
Serves 4.  

Add a green salad with fruit,   Or a mixed berry compote .  You are still we'll below five dollars .


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