Friday, December 23, 2016

Winco haul

It's always pleasant to find a real bargain .   Winco saves money by not publishing a advertisement.   You never know what you are going to find price wise.  Some things are always cheaperc and you can just about bet they will be in stock.  As apposed to grocery outlet, where pretty much it's a crap shoot- a treasure hunt,  

It pays to be flexible,   I walked onto Winco yesterday and chuck roast was 1.98 a pound,    I haven't seen those prices in a terribly long time,     I bought one and immediately got it on the slow cooker before I even put away all the groceries.  

Total 50. 71
Pumpkin pie 3.48
Eggs .98
Butter 2.00
Cake mix .88
English cucumber .78

And, I'm still under budget.  

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