Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tomorrow's Fred Meyer ad

blues 3.88 - 18 ounces
Tomatoes on vine .99

Coupons in ad
Greek yogurt .69@@

Progresso soup 4/5 - @@ - Note  QFC is a dollar until Tuesday and there are coupons out there
boneless Pork loin  chop 299 a pound - note Pork loin was 149 at Costco wholesale.  That's 1/2 price

Seniors- coupon for 10 percent off January 3rd blanket coupon with some exceptions,  private reserve food is the only food covered with the coupon,  

 Heritage farm chicken is Tyson,

Note of interest :   Lean cuisine frozen lunch entries are 2/3.   There is a coupon in the paper insert for 1.00 off of three.    Makes them 1.17 each.   A cheap, calorie controlled lunch,  

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