Friday, December 30, 2016

No spend January : week 1

no spend January :25.00 four weeks budget.

2 pumpkin pies 4.00
Applesauce, no sugar added 1.50
Tillamook cheese 2.00

8 lbs oranges
10 apples
1head lettuce
5 lbs carrots
1can green chillis

Left 4.70


1 st day dinner 
Pork roast, salad, broccoli, baked potato 

Day 2 


Oven roasted vegetables and Pork cubes.   

Day 3 

Tacos, Spanish rice.    
I got a taco kit for a dollar at grocery outlet.   Normally I would have bought taco shells for a dollar.   But, obviously, getting two kinds of shells, taco sauce and taco seasoning into is a better buy,   Week will use the hard shells tonight and I'll make tomato soup and chicken quesedas for dinner another night.  Planning meals creates less waste and stretches your food dollar.     

Chop leftover pork. 

Seasoning packet : just add water and stir.    

Cook until flavors meld. 

Chopped lettuce Is cheaper if you diy.  

Rice cooked in the insta pot.   One to one ratio.   Rice button, auto pressure release.    

Dinner finished.  

Purchase : 2 cans progresso soup on sale with coupon. .50.  Milk, half gallon 1.25.   

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