Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pork roast

We did go to Costco wholesale yesterday.   It was pleasentky quiet.  No line waiting.    I needed food storage.bags and coffee cheap.   I know, nobody NEEDS coffee syrup. But it's mymsolurge.  I use a serving a day the rest if the day I drink tap water.    

Fresh berries were inexpensive as well as broccoli.     Whole Pork loin was 1.49 a pound,  it was two dollars at Safeways,    At a fifty cent savings, we could afford to buy a whole one.    I took it home and cut the first few inches off the ends,  they weren't uniform enough to make pork chops out of thatboart,   I made pork cubes for pie, tacos, burritos, soup?     Imcut the rest if it in half to make it more manageable and cut several packages of pork chops from the middle section.   That left me two roasts.   I got nine  meals from 15.00 worth of Pork loin is 1.67 a meal.    

Costco wholesale  has a few things that regular Costco doesn't carry.   We don't go often, but I stock the things that I can't get .   We don't have to go more than a couple times a year.    

I am still under budget  for the year.    The end of the year  is a good time  to reflect and readjust.    Set new goals.   I don't believe in New Years resolutions,  theynare alwaysmbroken and out unrealistic expectations on yourself.    You can set new goals and strive for better.    

The biggest excuse I hear about nit going to Costco is that everything is in such large quantities.    Something's  are not worth  the effort to bring home,   Some bulk things last forever almost and you just don't have to worry about buying them for a while.    We go through Somethings  on a regular basis.    Some things I like to buy once and forget about them for six months or so.    

  1. Zip lock freezer bags. - two packages last about six months and they are better quality than the dollar store.   
  2. Oatmeal is .80 a pound,   Better quality and less expensive than the dollar store that is the cheapest price out there.    
  3. Butter is the best price.   
  4. Sour cream is better quality and lasts long enough to use it up before the pull date.   
  5. Tortilla chips are cheapest and we use them up before they go bad.    We don't buy any other kind of chips and nachos are a favorite.   
  6. Bulk popcorn is inexpensive, doesn't go bad after and is better quality than bulk Winco, although bulk Winco is cheaper.   
  7. Bulk Jimmy Dean snausage is cheaper.   Fry, de- fat , freeze.    
  8. Cheese is almost always cheaper.    I like two dollars  a pound or near that.   
  9. Bananas are cheaper and you almost always get more than three pounds in a bag.    
  10. Blue cheese is  reasonable.    
Portion controlling and bulk cooking saves money because you have less waste.    If you bulk cook sausage or hamburger, you can just pull what you need and don't have leftovers to get shoved to the back of the fridge and hide to grow hair.   

No food can do your family any good if you are feeding it to the garbage disposal.   

Thanks for stopping by.   I would love it if you would share.    With the new administrations ckimate, I have the feeling more of us will need all the help we can get to stretch our food dollar.   

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