Thursday, June 29, 2017

Another installment of what can I do with 20.00

Ok, the martians came down and stole your pantry.    How can two people get by with 20.00. I'm picking grocery outlet and dollar tree because there are two places on the Seattle area that have grocery outlets and dollar  trees side by side.  They are the cheapest places to go if you have no money.   Buying bulk and watching sales can net cheaper prices, but our senecio is more, we are in a pickle, what can we do,   

Dollar Tree 
  1. Pinto beans 1.5 pounds 
  2. Rice 1 pound makes 6 cups 
  3. Pasta sauce 
  4. Pizza crust 
  5. Tortillas 
  6. Eggs 
  7. Bread 
  8. Pasta ( use coupons if you have them ) 
  9. Oatmeal 
  10. Pepperoni ( coupons if you have them) 
  11. Salad dressing 

Grocery Outlet - prices aren't as predictable 

  1. Cheese ( as much as you can for six dollars ) dollar tree sometimes has real cheese, but watch, sometimes it's fake.    Compare prices 
  2. Tomato paste 
  3. Milk 
  4. As many vegetables as you can get with what's left.   This will depend on how much cheese you can find. Stick to veggies that are close to a dollar.   Now is not the time for a five dollar watermelon!    Carrots, celery, peppers, lettuce, tomato. Bananas.    Sometimes yogurt is really cheap at GO.   
  • Rice and beans - enough for several meals.  There are six portions for two people out of the rice.    
  • Pizza
  • quesedas  
  • pasta  w sauce (2) 
  • Eggs and toast 
  • Oatmeal 
  • Bean and rice enchiladas.    ( use tomato paste and water and slices for sauce. ) 
  • Salad w pepperoni and hard cooked eggs, cheese 
  • Toasted cheese sandwiches .   Carrot and celery sticks 

This assumes you have the basics.   If you have staples like butter, flour etc.  you have a lot more options.    This is by no means sustainable. On a long term basis.   It is, rather. Make your tu,my happy until a regular  budget happens.   

This is a challenge.    What can you do!    

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