Friday, June 30, 2017

Where to buy what

Certain retailers have purchased things  at a lower price.    That is to say that they consistently sell certain item the cheapest prices in the area.    Taking advantage of those proces when  they happen is a good  way to cit your food bull without much effort.    

Fred Meyer (Kroger )
Usually that is the place for dairy.    Milk is often a dollar  for regular or chocolate .   Sometimes sour cream  and cottage cheese are 1.00 or 1.25.  

I can get butter for 2.50 all the time at Costco.   I would rather pay 2.00, and have been finding it here and there, mainly Safeways and grocery outlet.  

Cheese has been close to two dollars a pound.   Watch closely the small packages, what sounds like a good deal, really isn't,    Fivenpoumd sacks are around two dollars a  pound to 2.35 at Costco,   Sometimes business Costco is better.  

Eggs are cheap these days,    I have been getting them at Safeways for .78 a dozen.   Drying eggs is a royal pain, but it will help when the price goes up.  

You can usually find ice cream coupons.  

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