Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fred Meyer ad for Sunday

Cherries 199
Chick roast 2.97 
Eggs .79
Peppers, 99
 English cucumbers .99

Note : this is a good example why you buy things ahead of time and when the orice is low.   The retailers know you are likely to buy at any cost when their is a  holiday.  Sweet baby rays is 4/5.  That's 1.25 each.   A few weeks back, they were 1.00 and with the coupon , they were .65.   That's half price.   

Buns are 3/5.   That's 1.67.   They are .88 or less at Winco,    That's half price again.  

Johmsonville  sausage 2/5 
Kroger ice cream 2/5 
Nathan's franks 7.99/ 2 lbs. 
strawberries 2/5 
Zucchini .99
Radishes 2/.99

Tortinos paety pizza 100$$ for 1.00 off 4 

Foster Farms split chicken breast 1.69. A few weeks ago they were .87.  (give or take  a penny ) again , that's half price.    

The insert with the Sunday paper has coupons for hummus and blue bunny ice cream .    
Who says there isn't coupons for real food.   LOL.  

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