Saturday, April 20, 2013

Best Laid plans number one!!!!

I had no intention on going shopping today. my sister sent me her coupon for WinCo. Ten dollars off of fifty dollars worth of food. We started to go and the car wouldn't run. My husband took it to our local repairman and he had it running in five minutes, so off we went again. We drove to Everett, shopped and got back and put things away in plenty of time for my doc appointment-like in an hour and ten minutes. I spent a net of 36.00. I didn't count my husbands beef jerkey meat he shares with friends. After the doctors, I went to QFC ans got a pork loin for 1.69 a pound and a chicken for .89 a pound. They wanted more for leg quarters at WinCo than the .88 for a whole chicken at QFC.

I will give my daughter the other WinCo coupon to use. Ill try to start using pantry and freezer down next week.

Meals from the shopping trip and the pantry.


2 beef
2 pork. Chicken
2 vegetarian
1 fish

1) Ham quiche , mixed berry compote.
2) roast chicken
3) salmon,
4) tacos
5) sliders
6) split pea soup
7) Mac and cheese

I have apples, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, grapes
Radishes, broccoli, lettuce, romaine, red potatoes, reg potatoes
Carrots, celery, cucumbers, asparagus, lemons tomatoes

Regular canned foods and frozen foods.

I have green veggie boxes. They keep veggies fresher longer so everything gets used up and you reuse the plastics over and over.

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