Friday, April 26, 2013

Wolves in sheep's clothing

Something I saw on another blog reminded me of when My daughter and I dissected a hamburger meal box. I don't quite understand why if the government made Nabisco change the name of their vanilla wafers because they had no vanilla in them, why there can be products with the name "cheese " in them when they have no cheese.

I have become a label reader. I buy few convenience foods because they jack up the price of food. I read labels because I am diabetic and I am really careful about how many carbs I ingest. There are hidden carbs in just about everything. I am leery of anything that has ingredients that sound like they should belong in a science lab.

Cheese whey is the byproduct of making cheese. After they take the solids and fat out of milk, it is what is left. It is good food, and has protein in it, but it is NOT CHEESE.

I never met a cheese I didn't like, and I never met a cheese than had no cholesterol.

I do keep a couple of mixes on the boat for emergency rations. I did get a hamburger meal box with real processed cheese. It is not something we generally use, but I got them for a buck and on the boat, you have to have emergency rations in case you get stuck with no food access. I have been known to add kidney beans to cheeseburger macaroni.
Not great, but better than nothing?!LOL

I am not doing any serious grocery shopping. I do have a WinCo coupon, so I am very tempted. I usually get about 6o percent savings. The first of May we are going to try an experiment and live from the stock on hand only adding perishables and a minimal amount of anything else. I want to see how far I can go. I am leery of paring down too far, the prices on some things are rising. I have averaged spending 70.00 a week and our stock is growing. It is time.

I made a formula for meal plans for our family. Your plan may be different.I am working with a daughter that is vegetarian , a grandaughter that only eats chicken, and a husband that doesn't like pork or chicken. I have resorted to cooking a variety of meals so that we are balanced.

2 beef
2 chicken or pork
2 vegetarian
1 fish or shellfish

1) Nachos
2) pasta with meatballs
3) pork roast
4) sausage , potatoes and peppers
5) loaded tomato soup, quesadas
6) vegetable bean soup
7) scallops

Scallops were on five dollar Friday.
Vegetable bean soup is on another blog --easy and cheap to balance the scallops.
Roasted red pepper and tomato soup loaded with tomatoes, blue cheese and basil. ( basic soup about 2 dollars at Costco.
Sausage was 2.28, peppers .50 at grocery outlet
Burger batch cooked, 2.75 a pound that was on B1G1 at Safeway.
pork Roast 1.79 a pound at QFC last week.

All of these meals average less than five dollars a meal.

Four plus one is five.
better, cheaper, faster
You get paid for shopping, not cooking!

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