Friday, April 19, 2013


It's finally Friday.

I purchased a bisquick cookbook at work for a buck and a Rachel Ray one for .75. They are like new. I have a lot of cookbooks. This particular one tells of the history behind bisquick. My mother didn't use bisquick until we were grown and I taught her what chicken pot pie was. LOL. Bisquickmcame to be in 1931 when a salesman for General Mills discovered that a cook on a train had put some ingredients together so that he could make biscuits faster.m He brought the concept back to the Chemists at General Mills. Over the years they have perfected it to be more healthy.
I have a recipe for home made , but it calls for shortening.m I don't know if they have a healthy alternative for that yet or not. I haven't used shortening in years.
Bisquick is pretty cheap at Costco. My family loves impossible pie and it is easy and quick and uses bits of veggies and meat.

This particular cookbook was published in 2008. It has the basics of waffles, pancakes, biscuits etc, but it also has some innovative things like breakfast pinwheels, cobblers, banana blueberry bread (another one of our favorites and healthy too.) Main dish chicken dishes and lots more.m You can also find recipes on Betty Crocker web site.

30 minute weeknight dinners is a chapter I am going to explore. I would bet that I can get them down to 20 minutes with already preped meat.

There is a section for the fat police! LOL
Turkey cheeseburger melts, vegetable stew etc.

my mantra: If you spend more time on the front end of the "get a meal on the table train" and less time on the back end you will be better off. Essentially, you are being paid for shopping, not for cooking.

This week, I don't have to shop at all. I will take inventory of the perishables and maybe hit the fresh veggie market after I make meal plans up from the meat in the freezer. it's about time we pared it down to defrost it.
I think I'll make a game to seemhowmfarmwemcan go with what's in the freezer. It should show a truer picture of how much the food we eat costs. I know that I have a large stock at the moment spending about 70.00 a week average.

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