Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Madness

Yesterday I went to the goodwill. Not much there. My husband got a call from family that needed his truck to move a spring and mattress. As luck would have it, I foumd an estate sale down the street from family. I got books,a plate and a swing for my grandaughter and a dozen Taste of Homes for 7 bucks.

We, then went to the rest of our planned trip. I got the supply I needed and we checked out big lots, and went on to grocery outlet. I have to applaud grocery outlet for designating a parking spot for veterans. We got a few things. I got peppers for .50 and parm cheese and seasoned grated cheese. It really perks up Mac and cheese.
Peppers on a large can were 1.29.

I usually do a blog on the ads, and meals from the ads. Once a month I do the basics. I thought I would start and take a food item and explore ideas of what you can do with it.

Ham cubes are inexpensive. A bag will last three meals.
Sometimes I can find them at grocery outlet, but I found them at WinCo last week.

You can...use them in...

Quiche with cheese
Split pea soup with carrot
Potato soup with ham
Pizza with pineapple and spinach
In Cobb or club salad

I found a recipe for pasta .

1 pound linguini, or spaghetti.
Ham cubes
1 T butter
2 cups frozen peas
1-1/2 cups parm or Romano
1/3 cup milk or cream

Cook the pasta and drain.

On a skillet, sauté ham in butter. Add peas and heat through. Toss with drained pasta. Add parm and cream.
Serve immediately.

This would be good with artichokes too. Blanched celery would stretch it. The microwave pasta cooker would make it really fast. Passive cooking time means you can get a salad made and the table ser and still have time for another chore before you put things together.

I made rice pudding yesterday from a recipe I saw on Facebook. It was really food. I think it is better warm than cool. Really easy and mostly passive cooking.

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