Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Dinner

since the pork I bought has a May 10th pull date, we are going to have the chicken first. I plan to roast it off in my " new" kitchen....well I now have ceiling lights and lights in the oven. My kitchen aid lights are not available off the shelf. . They have to be ordered and take a full 10 days to get here. heads upnfor anyone with a fairly new kitchenaid wall oven. They are also 8 dollars EACH. it wouldn't be a bad idea to order them ahead so you have a spare and didn't have to go without like I did. Of course not having ceiling lights didn't help! LOL

Tuna Sub sandwiches

Sub sandwich bums

Garlic oil
2 cans albacore tuna, drained.
Sliced red onion rings
Sliced hot pepper rings
Chopped artichoke hearts
Capers, rinsed
Black olives
White cheese

Slice Buns lengthwise
Pull some bread out of the center of the bun. Reserve for breadcrumbs.
Brush both sides of buns with oil.
Stuff the bread with the remaining ingredients
put top on bread loaf.

Note: tuna is on sale at Bartells for 1.19. if onions are too sharp in taste, soak them in ice water.
Roasted red peppers could be substituted for the hot peppers

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